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Vote for a person, not a party

Standing for election as an Independent can be a lonely task: Major Parties have Party Members who deliver leaflets, knock on doors, raise funds and campaign for their candidates. Independents generally have none of these resources, but often join together with other Independents for a local cause.

So what defines an "Independent"?

An Independent is a person who refuses to be told by somebody else how they should vote on an issue: they are committed to the best interests of their

So if you vote for an Independent, you need to know about the person, how they think, and how they have acted in the past.

The Independent Network has been helping Independents get elected since 2005. In April 2016 it was registered as a National Political Party, able to support candidates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How can an "Independent" be a Party Member?

Good question, and the Electoral Commission struggled with this as well. The Constitution says the Policy of the Party is to have no Policies. But there are advantages in being a Party:

  1. our endorsed candidates can get early access to the Electoral Registers
  2. councils talk to Political Parties
  3. endorsed candidates have access to our experience and resources and
  4. as brand recognition increases, an IN endorsed candidate will have an advantage over other independents

What can the Independent Network do for me?

If you want to stand as an Independent, we can help you. We can provide you with publications, such as Elections on a Shoestring, we can put you in touch with other Independents in your area, we can give you advice, provide rosettes, share ideas that have worked elsewhere, and help you with social media and promotion of your candidacy.

For Independents generally, IN aims to raise the profile of Independents and promote nationally the benefits of trusting a person rather than a party to represent your interests.

What can I do for the Independent Network?

In politics, it is numbers that count. We want signed up Supporters! Your money is great, but actually your support is much more important as we work to establish a national brand.

So please sign up! We only ask for £5, but if you can add a donation that would be amazing.

Yes! I want to be a Paid-Up Supporter of the Independent Network: please count me in!

Terms & Conditions

  1. I am over 14 and am or will be entitled to vote in the UK.
  2. I agree where applicable to abide by the Constitution and Rules of IN.
Price: £5.00