Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' inspires SANITEA


 Politically independent citizens from across the UK to gather in London for tea party and civilized conversation. 

Sanitea, Saturday 30th October, 1pm-3pm, The Horniman, Hays Galleria, South Bank, London, SE1 2HD


The ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ campaign of US current affairs comedy show, The Daily Show – comedian Jon Stewarts’ response to the US independents’ tea party movement – has inspired a uniquely British reaction.


On the same day, the Independent Network, the national organisation that campaigns for independent candidates in the UK, will host Sanitea – an afternoon tea party to take the civilised occasion back from the US political movement and return it to the British tradition of civilised, measured discussion and independent opinions.


Backed by independent ex-MPs Martin Bell, Dr Richard Taylor and Dai Davies, ex-MEP John Stevens, as well as humanitarian and ex-hostage Terry Waite, the Independent Network is the voice of independent politicians and non-party politics in the UK, providing the only alternative to party political candidates in UK elections.


Sanitea will provide a forum for pluralism and persuasion. Less than 1% of the British public are paid-up members of a political party. Independently-minded people from across the political spectrum will join the Independent Network for tea and cucumber sandwiches at The Horniman, Hays Galleria on London’s South Bank at 1pm on Saturday 30th October 2010. 

During the 19th Century, Hays Wharf was one of the chief delivery points for ships bringing tea into the Pool of London. The Horniman at Hays pub is named to commemorate one of the main tea producing companies associated with the trade. 


Tamsin Omond, National Coordinator of the Independent Network said:

“The Independent Network supports independent politicians who agree to abide by a set of principles inspired by Martin Bell, the independent ex-MP and ex-BBC war correspondent. These principles focus on honesty, objectivity, integrity, non-discrimination and pluralism. Although we defend their right to their opinions, it seems the US tea-partiers are co-opting both the identity of politically independent people and the ambience of that most British of institutions – the tea-party. Independent politics and tea parties are about gathering diverse groups, listening respectfully and politely acknowledging differences of opinions – something that it would be a disappointing not to acknowledge.


“As Jon Stewart rallies people in Washington DC, the Independent Network will host Sanitea within London’s landing place of tea, reclaiming the identity of independent politics and the tea party. The event is for all politically independent people from across the political spectrum – they may well disagree about each other’s policies but it’s a tea-party so, in the spirit of such events and independent politics, they will keep calm conversation and carry on sanely sipping.”


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Notes to editor:

Rally To Restore Sanity -

This rally, held in Washington DC, is Jon Stewart’s response to the US Tea-Party movement. Following its announcement on ‘The Daily Show’, the Rally To Restore Sanity has gained media and social media momentum, with over 200,000 planning to attend the main event and satellite events being coordinated worldwide.


Independent Network  -

The Independent Network (IN) is a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports independent candidates and non-party politicians. It is supported by current independent politicians, independent candidates and members of the public who do not identify with party politics. Independent politicians are the only alternative to party politicians. Candidates that wish to be endorsed by the Independent Network agree to adhere to the 'Bell principles', a code of conduct for elected representatives inspired by former independent MP Martin Bell OBE. The Bell Principles are thought to be the first set of conduct guidelines created by a political organisation for its affiliated candidates and representatives. The principles are used by the Independent Network to influence the conduct, but not the policies, of its endorsed candidates.