You are cordially invited to 'The Sanit-Tea party'


The US tea-party / independent movement is a grass-roots movement that is having a massive impact on the US politics. At present the US tea party / independent movement are co-opting two things that we, at the Independent Network, hold dear:


  1. 1.  independent minded politicians, from across the political spectrum, who are committed to non-discrimination and pluralism
  2. 2.  the civilized nature of tea parties.


On Saturday 30th October we will reclaim the great British institution of the tea party as a gathering for civilized debate and political discussion. All Independents and supporters of Independents are invited to attend.  There will be tea, cucumber sandwiches and delicious cupcakes. 


Our event coincides with a US campaign ‘Rally to Restore Sanity.’  This is the brainchild of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show and has galvanized massive online support.  Over 50,000 people are expected to converge on Washington just as our tea-party begins. Our event will provide a UK angle for this US news story and we therefore anticipate both national and international press to attend.


The tea-party will provide us with an opportunity to meet the new Network Coordinator of the Independent Network, Tamsin Omond, and also to discuss the results of the 2010 general election and form a strategy for what the Independent Network needs to do next.  


Candidates are invited to provide feedback on the experience of running as an independent. Despite the difficulty presented to independent candidates, the highest number of votes ever were cast for independents. This proves that popularity for non-party-related candidates is on the increase, which is why it is vital to collate feedback to plan the next step for the Independent Network.


Due to the high profile nature of the event please RSVP as we will need to give our press contacts an idea of numbers.   


Attending will be Brian Ahearne, Chairman of Independent Network and Tamsin Omond, Network Coordinator of the Independent Network. The event will be held in London, exact address tbc.


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