New Website for Independents

The Independent Network (IN) launched their new website in February as it continues its national campaign for independent politicians in the run up to the election.

The new website aims to be a one-stop shop for everyone interested in independent politics.

Importantly, the website reflects the remit of the IN - a network for individuals interested in independent politics. The new website brings together candidates, supporters and the media while providing essential information on independents to the electorate.

The website has a dedicated news and press section with recent media coverage and information pages for journalists. Rob Jessel from the IN Secretariat says ‘Independents have a great opportunity at this election and we really want to sell them. In the past, it’s been very hard to find information regarding candidates. We hope that our site will help to change this.

The IN has added a resources section for anyone interested in standing as an independent. So far there are materials from Dr Richard Taylor MP and Steven Ford (PPC for Hexham). The IN wants to add as many resources as possible and request that anyone with relevant information, expertise or recommendations send us their materials to:

The new website also uses new e-campaigning techniques such as RSS feeds, Google Maps, Videos and links to Twitter and Facebook. IN Researcher Livia Oldland says, ‘Electioneering has evolved dramatically in the last decade. New technology enables us to reach a wide audience and be innovative. It more importantly allows us to provide independent candidates with a much needed online presence’.

The Independent Network has recently endorsed 15 independent candidates to provide a kite mark for independents. These candidates benefit from being featured on an interactive map and having their own profile page. The IN also has a number of candidates currently going through the endorsement process

The website was made possible by a small number of generous donations. The IN is keen to point out that the more funding it receives, the more it will be able to publicise and promote independent candidates. Donating to the IN is a great way of supporting independent politicians in the UK.

The new website is a work in progress and therefore the IN hopes to add extra resources, research and functions in the next few months. It would like supporters to interact with the site and send any relevant and useful materials for distribution to the network to: or call them on 020 7609 1900.

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