Independent Network holds Sanitea

Inspired by the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ campaign, the Independent Network (IN) decided it was only appropriate that they too promote civilised discussion by reclaiming the Tea-Party. The event was held between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday 30th October.


The afternoon tea party which took place at the Horniman, Hays Galleria, in London’s South Bank was hailed a triumph and welcomed many independent candidates, councillors and supporters from Wales, Peterborough, West Ham and even the US to share views about independent politics. Generous donations were given to help fund the progress of the Independent Network.


Tamsin Omond, National Coordinator of the IN explained

 “Independent politics and tea parties are about gathering diverse groups, listening respectfully and politely acknowledging differences of opinions – it would be disappointing if we, in the UK, allowed our political counterparts across the Atlantic to become the only identity for independent politics.


The success of Sanitea undoubtedly calls for more Independent events around the UK. Why not organise a local platform for further discussions on the British movement for independent minded politics in your area?


To find out more about the IN and ‘Sanitea’ visit: or IN Facebook profiles at

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