Independent Councillors – Recruitment drive.

The Independent Network would like your help in recruiting yet more passionate and committed people to stand as independent candidates in the local elections, May 2011. 

The Independent Network is undertaking online advertising to ask people to come forward as independent candidates for the local elections. The applicants are asked to “run as candidates for local government positions to represent their communities and consciences”. It requires applicants who “will treat political opponents with courtesy and repect whilst being free from the control of any political party, pressure group or whip”.

Tamsin Omond, national coordinator, said:

"Some people would like to run for local council positions but may not know that they can, particularly without selling out to a political party. We want to encourage them and show them that there is an alternative and that the Independent Network will support them. At a local level people want to be represented and many do not believe that party politicians will represent them. 

"The Independent Network wants to recruit dedicated local people who are committed to the Bell Principles and to their constituents to stand for local government. This will create a real challenge to the party political stranglehold of local authorities."

If you would like to stand as an Independent Network endorsed local candidate please get in touch with your Local Authority.  If you would like to be endorsed by the Independent Network email:  

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