Huge success for endorsed candidates in the English local elections

Nine out of Ten candidates who were endorsed by the Independent Network won seats in the recent local government elections.

Of the 449 endorsed candidates running, 391 were successful in the local governmental elections on Thursday 5 May.

There was notable success in the county of Herefordshire, where 23 out of 58 seats were won by independent representatives- significantly more than the Liberal Democrats’ 3 and Labour’s 1.

There were also promising results in Cheshire East.  The Cheshire Independent Network won more seats than the Liberal Democrats. Co-ordinator of the Cheshire Independent Network Mike Parsons said:

 “I am delighted to report that ten of us were elected and as the third largest group on Cheshire East, it means we will gain seats on all the committees and have to be recognised as a much larger force.”

On the high number of successful Independent Network endorsed candidates, Jim Thornton, National Executive of the Independent Network and founder of East Herts People said:

“This is good news for all the endorsed independent candidates, especially those who secured seats in the elections, it shows that the Independent Network is making a significant impact on the progress being made and is an extremely effective organization. Through supporting the individual with training, direct communication and booklets, I believe the tactics employed by the Independent Network are making a huge difference.”

Tony Eggington, Mayor of Mansfield and member of the Independent Network’s Council of Reference, was re-elected for a third consecutive term.

Independent candidates also fared well in Hartlepool, where they won more seats than the Conservative Party, and Mid Suffolk, where they won more seats than both Labour and the Green Party. 

Other notable successes in the by-elections include Fylde, Staffordshire Moorlands and Allerdale.

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