Have you put up your ‘Vote Independent’ posters?

With fewer than two weeks to go to the 2011 local elections, we all need to start campaigning and publicising for independents’ election to local government. We need to tell voters that independent candidates are the only alternative to the party political status quo. Print off as many of the posters and fliers below as you can, give them to friends, family workers, colleagues and members of the public. The posters need to be placed in the windows of homes, on community notice boards, in the windows of shops and pubs.

As Martin Bell has said: “Independents are the only alternative vote, but we need the electorate to know they have that alternative.”

The Only Alternative Vote (insert endorsed candidate's name): http://bit.ly/eY9Eza
The Only Alternative Vote Independent: http://bit.ly/gJuLI5
Great Minds Think Independently: http://bit.ly/fCbHQe

Vote Independent: http://bit.ly/fYBJFb
Vote Independent (blank back for your endorsed candidate's information): http://bit.ly/eEu8FN

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