Grant refusal demands donation response

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (JRRT) has declined the Independent Network’s grant request for £80,000 over three years.


The Trust funds campaigns that aim to remove imbalances of power within the UK democracy.


It has previously funded independent politicians’ campaigns such as Liam Kennedy and John Gilliand. Despite this, unfortunately the Trust decided not to grant the request.

The JRRTrust Ltd is not a charity and only gives grants for political, campaigning or lobbying purposes and supports projects that are ineligible for charitable funding. Its objective is to promote political and democratic reform and defend civil liberties.

The Trust is not committed to any one political party although it has been a long term funder of the Liberal Democrats.

It seeks to correct imbalances of power; strengthening the hand of individuals, groups and organisations who are striving for reform.

The JRRT has supported a large number of non-party pressure groups, needing short-term assistance, based on the national relevance of local campaigns.

From the Trust's present capital of about £30m, Directors allocate a potential grant budget of around £1m each year, excluding administrative expenses and tax. The Independent Network is very grateful that JRRT considered our grant request, although are disappointed not to receive any support


In 2009 JRRT granted Power2010, a grassroots campaign to reform the British Parliament, further funds of £671,000 towards Phase Two of its campaign which involved a deliberative poll to draw up a shortlist of 29 proposals from the thousands of suggestions generated in Phase One. These will then be put to public vote in Phase Three to establish the five key reforms the public most want to see enacted.


It assisted Compass, a political pressure group for a new progressive consensus based around core values of democracy, equality and sustainability, with £45,000 to support their campaign.


More than ever the IN is reliant upon private donations. “Sadly we receive no state or trust funding. We require essential funds for the everyday running of the organisation, such as office facilities and staff,” said Brian Ahearne, Director of the IN. “Urgent funding for campaigning and co-ordination is desperately needed if we are to establish national credibility for Independents.”


The IN would appreciate any knowledge of potential sponsors and fundraising opportunities. The more funding received, the more support can be provided for independent candidates.


Donating couldn’t be easier, you can donate securely and easily on PayPal. Alternatively you can also send a cheque made payable to the Independent Network to Independent Network, Omnibus House, 39-41 North Road, London, N7 9DP.



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