Get Noticed

You cannot get your point of view in the papers if you do not do the basics. These include:

  • Press releases / Statements / Letters
  • Contacting various forms of media - e.g. radio, local, online
  • Canvassing / Door Knocking
  • Contact details and materials available on a public domain

The major parties maintain lists of candidates that they send to journalists and some of these are published online. However, independents and minor parties can be overlooked.

Candidates should look at UK Polling Report, Dods, Wikipedia, BBC and Your Next MP for profiling options.

Your Next MP can help independents get information into the public domain quickly and without cost. Your Next MP is a project to build a complete database of all the candidates who are standing at the next election, including contact details. So far they have 3125 candidates who are easily reachable in their database.

The database can be edited by anybody, but will be locked at a later date when all details have been verified. Being listed on this website means that it is easier for journalists and members of the public to contact you, it provides links to your website and campaign. It also helps the public know how many independents are standing.

There are also profiles of all endorsed Independent Network candidates on their website. By applying for endorsement through this network a candidate can obtain promotion and support. Endorsement also provides a mark of quality for independents and can add credibility to candidates’ campaign.

All independent candidates are encouraged to visit Your Next MP and add themselves to this innovative database.

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