Free Leaflet Delivery by Royal Mail

Free Leaflet Delivery by Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is, once again, delivering free election literature to every household in the constituency for PPCs.

All artwork must be approved by the Royal Mail Artwork Checking Team before you can contact your local Election Manager to agree your election mailing plan. Guidelines say that the artwork must not contain any content that is “obscene, offensive, or indecent.” Candidates must also be aware that any slander in leaflets could lead to possible liable suits and fines from the Electoral Commission.

The mailings can either be personally addressed or simply unaddressed.

This is a wonderful opportunity for campaigners, but the process can take a long time, so it is essential that candidates arrange their posting with their Royal Mail Election Manager as soon as possible.

Independent candidates’ resources are often tight, so if anyone finds cheap designers or printers please send details with estimates to to help other candidates.

Interested candidates should download a copy of the Best Practice Guide from the Royal Mail website at Contact the Election Support Team, by phone on 08456 076 416 or email to

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