Free Book on British Democracy Avaliable to Download

The Independent Network has been in touch with the independent publishing house, Icon Books, regarding a free e-book, X Marks the Box: How to Make Politics Work For You by Daniel Blythe usually priced at £6.99.

X Marks the BoxWhat is politics? And why does it matter? Self-confessed ‘born-again voter’ Daniel Blythe presents a popular, forceful argument designed to shake up anyone’s apathy.

Daniel Blythe’s book will be available to download as a free eBook from until 3rd March 2010.

Some of the questions answered in this book include how to engage the electorate, why you should vote and how to avoid potential damaging questions from the press.

X Marks the Box is particularly useful for independent candidates as it provides numerous examples of good campaigning techniques and a dictionary of political lingua.

This non-partisan e-book also discusses independent politicians and the reasons for standing without a party.

Daniel says, ‘People get involved in grass-roots campaigns. They are passionate about decisions which impact on their lives and are far more politicised than they realise – and yet this cynicism about this thing called ‘politics’ remains. The book tries to explore and address this.’

The e-book will be provided in PDF format which can be read on screen or on any current e-readers

Daniel Blythe is a graduate of St John’s College, Oxford. He is the author of several other books including the novels The Cut and This is the Day as well as the acclaimed Encyclopedia Of Classic 80s Pop. As well as writing, he leads creative writing workshops for adults, young people and children.

Icon Books will publish the print edition of X Marks the Box on 4th March 2010 in paperback at £8.99, which will be available from all good bookshops. The ISBN is: 978-184831-051-3

You can find out more and interact with the author by checking out the Facebook and Blog for the book. There is also a YouTube video with the author discussing the book.

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