Experienced volunteers needed to aid Independent candidates

The Independent Network is recruiting a UK-wide network of ‘volunteer conveners’ to provide local candidates with help and encouragement needed to succeed.


The Independent Network intends to broaden its focus from parliamentary candidates to include assembly and local government candidates. While the Independent Network will continue to support and promote independent politicians it will also offer its support to local independent candidates via volunteer conveners.


Volunteer conveners will provide support to those wishing to stand as an independent, whilst acting as a local contact for the Independent Network.


This year’s General Election saw Independent councillors lose 107 seats, something the Independent Network believes is redeemable through creating a network of volunteer conveners that will aid the Independent movement in local politics.


The Independent Network will provide support to all volunteers.


If you are interested in taking on this role or if you have any queries regarding this volunteer opportunity please do get in touch via email at secretariat@independentnetwork.org.uk


Please outline any areas of expertise relevant to electioneering, such as campaigning, fundraising and knowledge of election regulations.

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