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The IN recommends that all candidates use key political websites to promote their election campaign.

Rob Jessel, Secretary of the IN, says ‘By using sites such as Twitter and UK Polling Report, independent candidates can facilitate two-way communication with voters. These sites are extremely popular with young people and it’s a great way to target the youth vote.’

In the past it may have been sufficient for candidates to get their message across to voters by leaflet drops, hustings and door knocking. Contemporary politicians are increasingly using Twitter, Facebook, online forums, blogs and key political websites for effective campaigning.

One Independent candidate who is using technology to their advantage is Esther Rantzen (Luton South). She has over a thousand people following her Twitter account. The microblogging site enables candidates to communicate with supporters and potential voters by sending short messages.

Esther says, “I enjoy the immediacy of Twitter and find it useful in forming contacts and getting my message across”

The IN has recently contacted the popular political website, UK Polling Report to promote independents. They recommend that independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCS) get in touch with this influential site

UK Polling Report is a non-partisan website founded in 2005 that aims to list essential information on all 646 constituencies in the UK and PPCs. It also features a very popular blog and the website boasts 70,000 unique visitors a month.

A spokesperson for UK Polling Report says. ‘We’re keen to include independent candidates on our sites. But please be aware that we only list the basic biographical details of candidates. If you’re definitely standing in the next Parliamentary election please get in touch’.

Independent candidates can submit basic information to UK Polling Report using an online form on their website. Please be aware that the website is impartial and candidates should only provide essential information such as occupation, place of birth and previous political involvement.

The IN requests that if supporters are aware of other useful websites please let them know – send an email to

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