Help independents in your area - become an IN Convener

The Independent Network is establishing a UK-wide network of 'volunteer conveners' who can encourage and help local people to stand as independent candidates in elections. Whilst the IN will continue to run a national campaign for independents, votes will always be won at grassroots level.

The term 'convener' is particularly a useful term for independent politics. The existing Crossbench Peer Convener is not a leader, but represents and looks after the Crossbenchers in the House of Lords. The IN Conveners will not be local leaders in a party political sense, but will be provide local candidates with encouragement and support.

Volunteer conveners will act as a local contact of the IN and will provide support and assistance for those wishing to stand as independent. At a minimum we see the volunteer conveners role as follows:


  • To act as a local contact for the IN main office and report back to the IN.
  • To endorse local candidates and go through the appropriate protocols with them.
  • To recruit, encourage and support individuals to stand as independent candidates.
  • To keep in regular contact (email, telephone, social media) with local independent candidates who require help
  • To promote independent candidates and politics at a local / regional level.

The IN Conveners will be provided with support from the IN centrally. Due to limited funds, we are not able to offer any payment or reimbursement to volunteers.

Time Commitments

There is no set time commitment for this volunteer role, but as with most things in life, the more you put into the role the more you will get out. Please be aware that during election campaigns local candidates will need practical support and conveners' expertise.

If you're interested in becoming an IN Convener please send us an email outlining any expertise relevant to electioneering, such as media relations and marketing, and your motivation for helping local independent candidates.

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