What We've Done Previously

 So far the IN has:

  • Helped over a dozen candidates in the 2005 general election and provided an effective national media campaign  
  • Produced leaflets and resources for supporters 
  • Started an online presence, with a website, blog and social media pages 
  • Connected with current and former independent politicians, such as Martin Bell and Richard Taylor
  • Formed an Executive committee for the IN that act as the guiding body
  • Designed and created videos for Independent candidates. Examples of these include campaign adverts and vox pops
  • Adopted and edited the Bell Principles, a code of conduct for Independent candidates and representatives
  • Registered IN as a Ltd company – Independent Network Campaign Ltd
  • Registered IN as a Third Party with the Electoral Commission
  • Held meetings with national journalists
  • Arranged meetings and formed partnerships with organisations, such as Parliamentary Outreach and the Democracy Trust.
  • Connected with Independent PPCs and individuals interested in non-party politics
  • Arranged events and workshops for Independent PPCs
  • Started a bank of volunteers
  • Conducted interviews and set up media opportunities for candidates
  • Created an information page on Wikipedia

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