What we're doing

We are currently:

  • Creating a national movement for Independent politicians 
  • Endorsing Independent candidates – endorsement materials, endorsement pack
  • Apply for funding from trusts and foundations
  • Facilitating and enabling supporters to share resources and expertise
  • Encouraging the 98.5% of the population which are not members of political parties, to identify themselves as independent and not floating voters
  • Redesigning the IN website to be the national one-stop resource for Independents
  • Providing a national media campaign for independent candidates
  • Providing candidates with guidance and resources
  • Coordinating a national network of volunteers
  • Arranging maximum participation events on independent politicians
  • Attended events and elsewhere that look at the state of politics in the UK

If you have questions about our work please get in touch: info@independentnetwork.org.uk

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