Aims of the Independent Network

We aim to:

  • create a sense of cohesion and identity for Independent candidates using the IN brand 
  • establish national credibility for independent candidates - enabling the electorate to vote independent with greater confidence that an Independent vote is a vote for a more representative government.
  • provide support to independent candidates. Many independents do not have access to the same scale of resources of a national political party.
  • provide a forum of discussion, experience and advice for independent candidates. Candidates can use the network to share knowledge and work cooperatively in the best interests of the electorate.
  • provide guidance and resources for independent candidates that will enable them to be elected at local, regional, national and European elections.
  • promote a fairer system in which independents can compete with political parties.
  • promote independent politics and encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in local government and Parliament.
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