About Us

The Independent Network tries to be to Independent Councillors what the Conservative Party is to Conservative Councillors, and the Labour Party is to Labour Councillors. In other words, our job is help get as many Independents elected as possible.

Currently of the four Groups in the Local Government Association, the Independent Group is third largest, as there are more Independent and Small Party Councillors than there are Liberal Democrats.

There is a peculiar problem for the Independent Network in that constitutionally it can have no policies. This may seem odd, but perhaps no odder than that Independents should have formed a political party in the first place. But there are advantages in being able to call on the resources of a registered political party, and political parties have rights and access that are not available to individuals.

Independents are a brand, and the Independent Network is here to enhance and protect the brand. We try and enhance the brand by getting more Independents elected, and we try and protect the brand by ensuring that we only endorse candidates who work for the common good, and not their own benefit.

Founded before the 2005 General Election by Brian Ahearne and an enthusiastic team, IN is increasingly involved in local government elections, but the original vision was to get independents elected anywhere from student unions to the European Parliament.

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